Dec 25, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: Poor Man's Michael Cera: the toy

The final figure of the Doomsday C&C series is none other than Jesse Eisenberg's painful take on Lex Luthor.

Do I need to explain who is Lex Luthor? Or at least this E. Nygma-tic wannabe? (Eisenberg would have made a better Riddler than Luthor...)

So, here's some MARTHA!! The Movie clips of Luthor:

So, let's talk Not My Lex Luthor.

He has Standard DCUC styled Articulation, but on a body closer to Movie Masters than DCUC.

Paint and sculpt:
I mentioned the Movie Masters, because he's basically a Bastard Child of that line. Is it me or does it look like he has extra large hands for some reason.
I guess Luthor wants to break the walls down
He kinda looks a bit like Eisenberg, but I see a bit of Michael Rosenbaum in him. There is no paint slop on him and the tampos are nicely applied.

He has the Doomsday Piece and the Shackles that are removable. I kinda wish we had gotten something else, but there isn't that much to add to a Prison suit Luthor.

Luthor gets a 3.67 as his final score? I gotta be honest, if he didn't have the Doomsday Torso, he'd be perfect for both DCUC and Marvel Legends collectors to make escaped convicts. Mild repaints and headswaps would do wonders.

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