Dec 16, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: We want brains, Parker!!

Eddie Brock...

Damn it Spike! Not the Topher Grace clip! Well, while Mr. Grace sucked ass as Venom, the clip KINDA explains Eddie Brock.

So, now I'll skip to the Review of Eddie + Symbiote.

It's similar to Spider-Ben, but on a bulkier body SOME poses are slightly harder to pull off.

Paint and Sculpt:
Finally a Venom that is not super roided out or like the Toy Biz ones that were either V-Crotched or Repainted Sabretooth figures.
This one is closer to the Todd McFarlane look for Venom... When using the Toothy Grin head. For Tongue Venom Fans, there is a Tongue head. shame that there isn't an Eddie Brock face with symbiote bits as well.
The paint is minimal and there isn't slop on mine.

He has 2 Absorbing Man heads for the BAF, so that's a good thing. Obviously an extra head so you can choose between Tongue or Smile. He also has an extra set of fists so you can have him punch stuff or aiming potential webs.

repainted in Blue, would make him a great MVC Venom.

Eddie gets a 4.5 as his final score. To be honest it is a great score for a great figure. I just feel that the Diamond Select Venom is 20% cooler than this one...

You're tearing us apart, Lisa!!

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