Dec 3, 2016

It Came From the Toy chest: Multiplicity: Parker Style

I got me a Spider-Ben to Replace the Previous Spider-Ben by Hasbro.

Who is Spider-Ben? Ben Reilly: Spider-Man, Clone of Peter Parker... A revival of a 70s storyline that Marvel used to try and undo the marriage to Mary Jane by Replacing Peter Parker with... a Clone of Peter Parker. Then this spun off into a long-winded saga out of control that brought back Norman Osborn.
This Ben is  from the Spider-verse storyline... and he also dies, cause everyone seems to hate Ben (I don't).
So he's pretty much Peter except he's kinda not (Peter had sex with MJ... Ben wasn't so lucky, but Ben did not do a dumbass deal with Mephisto) and he bleaches his hair.

Let's review the sucker:

The Milo Manara
Normal Spidey Pose
Seeing he's a Hasbro ML he kinda has the same limitations that May has. While he can Theoretically do a hanging pose better, he can't hold any webs with his hands. His range of motion is better than May's and even Miguel 4.0

Paint and Sculpt:
Due to the non-etched Web-lines on Spidey's suit there are some slight paint mistakes on his hands (especially on his hands) where Web-lines are a bit wonky. The sculpt seems to be the generic Spidey buck with some different pieces (namely forearms probably reused from the Rhino Wave Scarlet Spider) 4.0

He has 2 BAF Arms for Absorbing Man and a few interchangeable hands. Pair of fists, the Thwip Hands and full open Wall Crawling or boob grabbing hands.

He also sports a second head and 2 extra hands to make SPIDER-CARNAGE!! 5.0

Spider-Ben gets a 4.33 as his final score. I'm impressed that Hasbro is stepping up with these multiple figures as one... Now gimme 90s Kaine!!

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