Dec 9, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: She loves plants but is she vegan?

Of course, I am talking about Poison Ivy. Batman villain, Plant obsessed, kinda like Harley Quinn;s BFF (According to the Internet they're friends with benefits) Well, now we have the Tween version of Ivy for Superhero Girls. But didn't we have one of those before?
But here's a clip of the Worst Ivy ever.

Literally the same Articulation as the Rest of the girls.
Head on a ball joint, but I can't move the head. Feels like I'm twisting the peg connected to the torso. that's a bit scary
Pseudo Balljoint shoulders, Balljoint elbows, rotating wrists
Ivy: Oh come on, don't tell me you're afraid of a
little girl?
Batman: I am Vengeance, I am the Night! I AM BATMAN!!
I will not be seduced by a preteen girl...
Hal: (off screen!) SEDUCE ME, IVY! You can tie me, or do
whatever you want...  
Pseudo balljoint thighs, hinged knees and boot rotation. The thigh Articulation is partially blocked by her skirt.

Paint and sculpt:

The Sculpt is nice for a Toyline aimed for girls. She does look a bit TOO Friendly for Ivy. She has Ivies tattooed on her legs... bad sign for a 12 year old. The pants are sculpted but not the shoes, which is weird.
Batman: Dammit, Jordan! Thanks to your blathering I'm now
tied up!
Ivy: The vines are the least of your problems.
Harley: Especially since I'm going to go Gallagher on your melon,
Hal: Are we still having the underage Threesome? Cause my body is
ready. I can even make constructs if you like!
Ivy and Harley: SHUT UP GREEN PEDO!
Narrator: Will Batman escape? Will Hal stop wanting to have
sex with underage girls?
Tune in next time, same bat time, same
bat blog for the exciting conclusion of the Superhero Girls
It came from the Toy Chest!

a tiny vine that is kinda crappy. It's so soft that it doesn't want to attach to her arm.
Poison Ivy gets a 2.83 as her final score. Again, like the rest of them, I only got her to use as fodder for MOTU Customs based on my fan continuity and create Perfuma's daughter, Gardenia.

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