Dec 7, 2016

Fuller House S2. Starts on Friday and stuff.

Which means the Return of Stephanie Tanner, her boobs, and the rest of the cast.(I know the joke is stale, but it's expected of me to reference them.) Well, the Full House, uh, House was on Sale and wanna know who bought it? Full House Creator, Jeff Franklin did!

I find it kinda cute that the Show Creator ended up buying the house of his shows.

Luke Cage is getting his second season... All I can say is...

Oh look, Georgie is still alive and still not writing! He's still too busy doing conventions to sit and finish writing the last 2 books...

"Winter is the time when things die, and cold and ice and darkness fill the world, so this is not going to be the happy feel-good [book] that people may be hoping for,"
No, we're hoping you get of your damned ass and finish the goddamned books! It's been 20 years and it seems like you were dragging your feet on the last 2. Yes, we're expecting dark things, seeing that we have FREAKING ZOMBIES coming from the North, we have Daenerys, her dragons and savage Dothraki coming, the 7 kingdoms in disarray. Just finish the damned books, George.

You know MVC4, right? Well Capcom is looking to revive Dormant IPs...  Guessing this may mean Megaman...
Some may say Power Stone, Onimusha, or Breath of Fire...


Vampire 4... AKA Darkstalkers 4.

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