Dec 5, 2016


 Now the November sub stuff is coming in 2017!?
I guess Panthro will come in March or some crap...
But wasn't the whole Matty thing going to close down on December 31st?

If you'd like a refund? If you'd like a Motherloving Refund!? NO I WANT MY GODDAMNED ITEMS, MATTY!

It's crap like this that gets people to call the Better Business Bureau on you... Seriously!!

Making me miss the Super-Kami toyguru... *shudder*

Now it's not even December when I can say Good Riddance to Mattycollector.

You've out Yamcha'd Yamcha... Not even Raditz can be as disappointing as Matty.

No wonder People love this image...

This issue is SO BAD that even Mr. Positivity himself, Pixel Dan is ANGRY at Mattycollector because of this crap... Pixel freaking Dan is ANGRY... Seriously, when you piss off Dan, you seriously screwed up.

UPDATE II: user MJW41 spoke with Andy P. from Mattycollector's Escalation Department and the pic explains what happened. we shall wait and see.

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