Dec 14, 2016

Odds and ends 12/14/16: More Dead people and stuff

So, I'm watching Fuller House Season 2, right? So, in this one episode they set up DJ with an older man played by Alan Thicke... So what? Well, Candace Cameron, who plays DJ, is the real-life sister of Kirk Cameron... Yes, that Kirk Cameron... who happens to be Alan Thicke's TV Son in Growing Pains. I just finished watching that episode when I got a Facebook Notification about Mr. Thicke dying. You youngsters may know Alan's son Robin.

Hulk Hogan will not receive the $140 Million dollars, but he is getting $31 out of Gawker after a settlement... (Most likely due to the OTHERS who have sued the heck out of the company) This ends up the Hogan vs Gawker saga...

It's time for a new Pokémon Go! Update: Togepi, Clefa, Pichu are coming... on eggs!! Not to mention the Christmas Pikachu event and I think they added Ditto to the Pokémon available... The SOB hides as a Rattata or Pidgey.

Tthere's a NINTENDO THEME PARK IN THE WORKS!? Dafuq? Super Nintendo World? Like Disney but with Nintendo characters for Universal Studios? That's so weird... Not gonna lie, the inner kid within is screaming like a Belieber... The adult in me is weeping that we'll have to wait 3+ years for it to happen.

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