Dec 17, 2016

It came from the Toy chest: Haley Joel Osment will see Clark Kent in a minute

Not so subtle reference to a certain Comic Story about Superman means one thing: Doomsday the Collect and Connect Figure review is here... I could have totally gotten a Matty Doomsday, but I missed my chance. This Figure allows me to fill in that gap...

Who is Doomsday? I can tell you who isn't Doomsday...

Zod =/= Doomsday... Again General Zod IS NOT DOOMSDAY.
Got it Memorized?

OK so, I was googling info on Doomsday in order to explain him better for those who don't touch any comics... (I'm more of a Marvel fan, so I always need to check on my sources when talking about DC) and, Doomsday in MARTHA!! The movie...

OK, back to Doomsday... Think a Kryptonian Caveman who can regenerate from everything and gains an immunity to whatever killed him last time. Like say: You burn him to a crisp. He then regenerates and becomes fireproof. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Why does he keep kicking me in the dick!?
He has the standard DCUC Articulation, so, you know what to expect if you have DCUC Figures.His shoulders are mildly blocked for obvious spiked Reasons.

Paint and sculpt:
For a Mattel Made Build a Figure, I am pleasantly surprised that the color matching worked rather well. We have seen some horrible color matching issues on NON-BUILD A FIGURES. Sculptwise, he looks badass... Tempting to get a second Doomsday to repaint and use as a Faker for Dare.

He gets none since he is basically a gestalt of accessories. n/a
Batman: don't cry... He'll be back, once we gather the Drag...
oh wait! The Dragon Balls aren't real! *sniffle*Why Clark!

Doomsday gets a 4.25 as his final score. He looks pretty rad and it's the first BAF I've completed since Marvel Legends Brood Queen in 2007. I guess I must Review Luthor sometime soon...

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