Dec 14, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest:You sure she's Super?

I'm talking about CBS' now the CW's Supergirl...

This was expected... It's the CW and Barry's dad is also Dawson's dad... Damn it Barry!


But here's the lowdown... She's TECHNICALLY OLDER than Kal El, or Superman if you prefer. She was meant to arrive on Earth to become Kal El's Guardian. Problem is that for some reason her arrival to Earth was delayed and she arrived without aging much after Kal El landed on Earth as a baby and grew up into adulthood without his babysitter. Now Kara is Superman's kinda teenage sidekick but operates independently.

So, let's discuss Supergirl:

She has articulation SIMILAR to DCUC Figures, but not quite. The main change is in the Elbows. Now Mattel is copying Hasbro. The Skirt is super Stiff which hinders her movement below the waist. There's no Ankle Swivel, so if she could spread her legs, she wouldn't be able to stand. Mine has a frozen waist.

Paint and sculpt:
Sculptwise this is a MASSIVE Fail... The figure looks like Benoist if she was stung by Kryptonian Bees...

 Now to make matters worse, mine might have the hairpiece attached wrong, since the area where her ears should be hidden by hair is easily visible and she has no ears, which makes her look EVEN WORSE.

She also has s partially botched paintjob with random bits of slop through her body.

Doomsday leg...
That's it.

Supergirl gets a 2.0 as her final score. She won't work with the DCUC figures, since she's too detailed, nor she'll work with DCD figures since she's too small and crappy looking. I only got her for the Doomsday part and I don't think she's even Custom Worthy.

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