Dec 23, 2016

It Came from the Toy Chest: I feel so Weak! I need more Plasma!

Instead of having a Nightmare Before Christmas, I've a Nightmarish Toy Review Before Christmas... I saved something far more Evil for Christmas Eve... No... Not Parasite Eve! Besides let's not get ahead of ourselves. I am talking about the It Came From the Toy Chest

Wrong Clip Spike, wrong clip...

I'll allow it, I mean, I make a reference to it on the title. I am of course talking about Morbius: the Living Vampire!! Hasbro's take on the character is a welcome note, especially since pretty much all our Morbius figures from Toy Biz look like THIS:
not my Morbius. Mine looks like Stay Puft at the end of

So, let's talk Morbius: Former Scientist turned into an "Artificial Vampire" (Not via Supernatural means, but by Genetic Alterations in the vein of Spider-Man, or The Lizard) Has been both an ally and a foe to Spider-Man and other characters.

He is decently Articulated and the only Limited Articulation point comes from the hips. You can see how far he can spread his legs on the pic next to a Spidey with Magnetized Feet (early 00s Toy Biz toy)


Paint and sculpt:
You're tearing me apart, Lisa!!

His sculpt is more reminiscent of Classic Morbius than his Toy Biz Counterpart that had a slight stylized look to him, but due to the action feature, his head was made of a rubbery plastic that melted quite fast. Unlike the Toybiz Figure, this one seems to be made of a Generic Male buck. The paint is minimal. there is no shading aside some weird (ash?) gray wash on his whites.


This time Morbius has 2 BAF Pieces, the Arms of Absorbing Man. (Might have to get the whole wave to get him.) He also has 2 capes: Flared and unflared. I kinda wish he had gotten a second non-screaming head.


I'm Batman!!
I kinda like the Other Morbius' Body because it was more Unique, but That one was more of a Mutated Morbius than this one. I got to say that the Classic Morbius look is growing on me. morbius gets a 3.83 as his final score. The Articulation REALLY HURT HIM HERE.

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