Dec 5, 2016

The Last of Us Part 2 is happening.

I once played the original The Last of Us, since it came with my PS3 almost 3 years ago (I'm like 2 months shy of the full third year.)

Oh holy crap! A sequel is happening... Only problem is that Neil Druckman from Naughty Dog has drunk 'Nita's Kool-Aid and that is dangerous. I'm wary of her influence and how it can ruin the story.

I'm smelling an Ellie game. There's nothing wrong with that. Now what worries me is how 'Nita's unfinished Tropes v.Women would have effects on storytelling. I don't want a game where Ellie is incredibly bland to fit her "positive characters" like the Scythian... or ends up ridiculously OP because "girl Power!" If the TLOU team can find a balance and make a story worthwhile for people playing and having a fun game WITH A FEMALE PROTAGONIST. Because, I do agree with her that more games with female protagonists should exist. Where I disagree is with the stance on "tropes" and eye-candy. Sometimes a little eye-candy or fan-service can boost up a game's popularity. Case in Point Lara Croft and her big boobs.

Now back to the trailer... Ellie is obviously older. She's strumming with a guitar and sporting some sick ink on her arm and "Joel" asks her if she's going to go through with this and she's like "I'm gonna kill them all" (The women and the children too!) Will this be a revenge story based on the lie from the past game? We'll just have to wait and see... (Dammit, There's too many good games coming)

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