Jan 29, 2017

I saw Eureka Seven...

Mostly because there's this girl, who I enjoyed her company a lot... She moved due to her studies and now I can only communicate online, which kinda sucks, since I liked hanging out with her in person and talk about anime and videogames... So, her favorite series is Eureka Seven and she pretty much used her charms to trick me into watching Eureka Seven...
(Then again, a cute girl asks me to watch something, chances are I WILL WATCH IT... That's how I ended up watching the best anime ever! and this is why I can understand Brock so well...)
I swear, I WILL MAKE HER WATCH Neon Genesis Evangelion or Hamtaro!!! (Hopefully she'll pick EVA...)

So, how do I feel about Eureka Seven?
I liked it... It has a few things that reminded me of Older Gundam Series AND Neon Genesis Evangelion... Come on! Anemone screams Soryu Asuka Langley Clone. Renton can be a bit of a Shinji at times, but more annoying since he lacks Shinji's crippling depression... or his yogurt... SPIKE! Don't put the yogurt clip! Eureka, well she can be a bit of an Ayanami...
So, OK, there's this kid, Renton...

Yes, he is voiced by Johnny Yong Bosch... and he's a total loser. His dad is dead, his mom is dead and barely mentioned in the series. His Older sister is MIA and he lives with his grandpa, a mechanic in a bum hick town in the middle of nowhere. Like all JRPG protagonists. His hobbies are dream of joining a group of skater terrorists... Well. they'd be skaters if they were in our world. They are lifters... think Sky surfers. These terrorists also use some Mecha called LFOs that also lift in humanoid mode. They Transform and Roll out as cars... Their leader, Holland, is voiced by Crispin Freeman... Roll the Ma Belle Peche clip!

Well, these terrorists arrive to Renton's place because the old man was keeping a McGuffin that the LFO of one of Holland's crew needs. The owner of this LFO is Eureka and she is voiced by the creepy girl that has a crush on Naruto... you know, the one that sounds like Mikuru from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.
Renton joins the Gekkostate crew and becomes a staple part of the team... He's doing all of this because he fell in love with Eureka, and since they are both complete idiots (Eureka has her excuse for being a complete social ignoramus) they don't realize what's going on until half the series is over.
and yes #7 is Eureka... get it Eureka 7?
This Motley Crew of terrorists are fighting the big evil corrupt government that wants to destroy the world for the sake of humanity... Like pretty much ALL THE FINAL FANTASIES.

It feels like a diet Gundam and a Diet Evangelion with a hint of Twilight... Yes, I said it Eureka Seven is the Twilight of Mecha Anime... IN A GOOD WAY!! Normally I scoff at the idea of Romance being a strong part of Mecha Anime, but here it works. It lacked a bit of action, but the characters made up for it... Except Freaking Holland. I HATE HATE HATE HIM!! I wanted to kick him in the dick with a steel toed boot... That is until I met the villain... Now that guy, I hate more than Holland.

Give it a try, it's 50 episodes, so it's a tad long, but it's not Naruto, DBZ, or One Piece long.
I'm currently watching the sequel series, Astral Ocean... Let's not talk Astral Ocean, The less we talk about Astral Ocean, the better.
If Evangelion wasn't so freaking depressing, then it'd be a lot like Eureka Seven. Also, I need to return to watching anime... I've missed out on a lot of stuff.

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