Jan 9, 2017

Stay away from Thundercats, Jovovich (and you too, Paul Weak Sauce Anderson)

While promoting the FINAL Chapter of the Bastardization of Biohazard, Mila Jovovich mentioned an interest in playing Cheetara on the rumored Thundercats movie.

Don't know where to start... Other than Mila Jovovich and her Husband RUINED Resident Evil? They made her into a sort of Mary Sue deity that took a massive diarrhea dump on the franchise?

But let's read the thing as I share my thoughts:

A proposed ThunderCats film has been in development for quite a while now, with no real signs of tangible progress being made. Still, every so often we get a small update that gives us hope that perhaps one day, we’ll finally see the damn thing come to fruition. In all honesty, it probably won’t be happening any time soon, but chatter about a feature film adaptation still hasn’t died down and earlier this week, Milla Jovovich voiced her interest in being involved in it.
To be fair, so has He-Man, and I swear if Thundercats gets made before He-Man, I'm gonna be so mad that I might do something REALLY STUPID... Also, WHY is Mila Jovovich interested in This?

Given her role as Alice in the Resident Evil franchise, not to mention strong performances across a number of other action-oriented films, fans have been hoping to see the actress play a superhero for some time. As such, when we sat down with Jovovich for an exclusive interview earlier this week to talk Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, we asked her which superhero she’d like to play now that Screen Gems’ horror franchise is coming to an end, and here’s what she shared: 
Given HER ROLE AS ALICE in the Resident Evil Bastardizations is why I NEVER WANT TO HEAR FROM HER EVER AGAIN... Also it made me HATE THE FIFTH ELEMENT...

Celestiadamn you Spike!

 “I’ve always loved Thundercats. I heard they were making a movie, and then they weren’t making a movie. And I’m probably getting way to old to play Katra… no, Cheetara, that’s the one!”

"I've always loved Thundercats, but can't name one of the CORE CHARACTERS". I mean, I could understand not knowing Mandora, or Willa of the Warrior Maidens... Hell, even Pumyra being unknown is understandable... But NOT KNOWING FREAKING CHEETARA!? something fishy's going on in here.
Like all the other ThunderCats, Cheetara is tied to a particular species of cat. In her case, she’s linked to a cheetah and possesses phenomenal speed. She’s also usually portrayed as the principal love interest for Lion-O (although in some versions, you get a ‘love triangle’ with Lion-O’s best friend, Tygra). Frankly, it sounds like a great role for Jovovich and one she’d be well suited for.

 Citation Needed. The only time she was considered "a love interest" was in the 2011 reboot. Lion-O is a CHILD trapped in an Adult Body. The rest of the Thundercats (minus the Thunderkittens) are Adults. It's not a great role for Jovovich... There is no role for her in Thundercats, unless she wants to voice Snarf.

Aside from the Resident Evil series, the actress has shown off her action chops in countless other movies, proving that she can kick ass with the best of them. While nothing’s set in stone as far as this adaptation goes, at the rate Hollywood is churning out features based on everything from animated series to board games, it should only be a matter of time before they get around to ThunderCats. As far as we know, Warner Bros. still hold the rights to it, so perhaps if more stars begin to express interest, the studio will finally get things moving.
If they do, I hope that Jovovich, or her husband are KEPT AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS AS POSSIBLE...

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