Jan 4, 2017

Odds and ends 1/4/17

Oh no! Putties!!

Yes, the Putty Patrollers... Remember the super disposable MMPR villain henchmen?
Well, the Toy has been revealed and it looks like crap.
Now, just because this toy looks like crap it doesn't mean that the movie version will look like crap.
Hear me out. This toy is the cheap mass produced toy that Bandai America specializes in. Probably has screws on the back and everything.
The toy gives us a sneak peak of what the Movie Putties will be and while the toy looks like crap, it tells us that the putties will look more like Clayface than the Original MMPR Putties... Seriously, DC, Freaking Power Rangers beat you to having a Clayface character on screen... Goldar still looks like crap though...

What does Final Fantasy and getting screwed so hard that you can't walk straight have in common?

Yes, infamous America Hating Donut Licker, Ariana Grande will now be IN A FINAL FANTASY GAME... Hello Giggles is super excited about that for some reason. Me, not so much.
I can tolerate Ariana Grande and I love Final Fantasy... But this is not a Reese's Peanut Butter Cups thing... I'd rather have ♠ write the story for a Final Fantasy game (and by Celestia, we know how much I loathe that guy's writing) than play Brave Exvius...  AG killed the game for me... not to mention that my phone can't handle it.

Looks like my Tuskador is still MIA. Panthro won't arrive until next Tuesday and I MAY get the Wraiths tomorrow or Saturday... (UPDATE: Panthro and the Day of Sale Wraiths arrived today. Sub Wraith and Tuskador still MIA) But I will not complain about Digital River's incompetence or Mattycollector being stuck with them...

But I can't wait for it to come so I can review him, play with him and do the final looking back on Matty's MOTUC... Now that Panthro is here I will Review Him and Pumyra on the Weekend.

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