Jan 21, 2017

Odds and ends Jan 21st, 2017

Whether you like him or hate him, Donald Trump is officially President of the United States of America... Many people thinks that America dun goofed by electing him as President. The President himself doesn't help things when he starts quoting Bane, of all people. At least he only quoted Bane... Could you imagine if he had started quoting villains from Anime or even worse JRPGs? Now that would've been scary. Wait, he also quoted The Purge...

I've seen this sentiment from many... NO. If The Donald screws up badly, AMERICA gets screwed even more. I don't like the guy, but I can't hope for him to fail horribly, that everyone gets screwed in the end. I just hope he doesn't screw up much, because MISTAKES WILL BE MADE due to his lack of experience and sadly, there ain't no gettin offa' this train we're on.

Super7 reveals will come soon. According to He-Man.org:
The reveal of the first wave of Classics Collector's Choice figures will be one day next week (Jan 23 - Jan 27). And the reveal of the first wave of Classics Club Grayskull figures and the Power-Con 2017 exclusives are still planned to be revealed in February at Toy Fair.

This is the part where I make a snarky remark... Nope! No snark from me this time... (No, Scott, it's not to spite you.) I am a fairly reasonable guy, when I'm not dealing with hyperbole. I understand these delays are happening because Super7 is NOT a part of MATTEL like Mattycollector was. There were lots of bumps on the road and kinks to iron out on the process and according to some people that have knowledge on how these things work, it's a long and bumpy ride, ESPECIALLY when dealing with Mattel.

I won't deny that it has me slightly worried, but I'm positive that something good will come out.

Wait, Tim Miller and James Cameron joining forces for a Terminator 6? Wasn't Genisys panned for eliminating ALL the movies from the timeline, and they want to do a sequel to it? Is Arnold coming back? IIRC Emilia Clarke isn't coming back.

Breath of the Wild will be the FINAL WIIU Game. That is all... Fitting, since THAT game is the Reason I got a WiiU.

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