Jan 16, 2017

It Came from the toy Chest: Army Building is a pain

Roton is here. The Final Matty Vehicle featuring a Skelcon Warrior...  Still my NOVEMBER Tuskador and sub Horde Wraith have not arrived.

So, what is the Roton and what does it do? This is the FIRST OFFICIAL EVIL VEHICLE IN MOTUC... AND THE ONLY EVIL VEHICLE FROM MATTEL. Basically a Remake of this:

Me, I'm personally more of a Land Shark kind of guy. Now you can see what I'm talking about.

The Skelcon on the other hand, is an obscure army builder. It comes from the Ladybird books (Kinda like the British Version of Golden Books.)
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So, these guys are Skeletor Troopers... Randor has the Toyguru clone Army, Hsss has Bert and Ernie Clones, Hordak has the Troopers and the Wraiths... Skeletor, well he has his Row-Butt Knights and The Skelcons... or in most cases Skelcon (Singular) since tossing him with a vehicle was insane.

Warning, the Roton is as big as a freaking Pizza. 14.5" in diameter. That's bigger than a Large Pizza at Domino's.

Sucker is huge!!
So, the Roton is basically a BIG, BAD, Beetleborg Version of the Vintage roton, but with a slightly more Organic twist. It has the rolling action feature. Sadly my floors are a bit uneven, so I can't truly play with it.

Modelkit Canopy looks cute. Wish it came
in black.
The guns have 4 ports to be placed into. If a third party caster happens to do some of these, I'd probably buy a pair to have a 4-gun Roton.

The Added Canopy from the Model kit helps making the vehicle a lot cooler. It also helps distinguish to have 1 with the canopy as the lead vehicle with the rest being plain rotons. (If shot at certain angles you could use vintage rotons in addition to this one in order to have a squad)

Secret Plug fun!

The Roton also has a hole at the bottom. What is this hole for? Remember the Wind Raider? Well, The Roton ACTUALLY COMES WITH A WIND RAIDER STAND!!

Now the Skelcon:
Standard buck with Demo-Man feet. Mine had a frozen ab-crunch. Oh yeah, the horns are articulated, but not the mouths.

Paint and sculpt:
The Reused parts work on making the Skelcon, well, Skelcon-y? The new parts bring him to life.
The only nitpicks are that for some reason, the tunics are a bit too short and the Skelcon has a bare blue midriff that shouldn't be there. And unless his head is looking down, you can see his blue neck. I also kinda wish his skull had some sort of wash.

A Spear, a knife, and the freaking Roton!!

The Skelcon gets a 4.33 as his final score. Don't get me wrong, it's a decent figure and great for army building, if you're not on a budget.

The Roton on the other hand is a 5.0

I still believe that Mattel is overcharging us for the Roton + Skelcon
, but at least, we now no longer have to deal with Freaking Digital River.

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