Jan 6, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Former healer now Zombie slave to Mumm-Ra...

Just cause Lion-O decided to wear pants, Pumyra's character was changed Radically...
What can I say about Pumyra? She was the Healer/Medic of the Thundercats... She showed up with the Token Handicapped character and Bengali... Who I totally think is the Waluigi of Thundercats.
In the 2011 version, she was a slave and had to fight in gladiatorial games until she was free with the Lion-O that Plays with Squirrels. (Oh yeah, I'm still mad about Girl Meets World getting Cancelled...) but in reality, she was Mumm-Ra's undead bitch... Speaking of 2011 Mumm-Ra... Never mind.

So, Pumyra... In the vintage timeline, a healer... which luckily for us these toys are based on the vintage Timeline.

She has the same articulation as a Female MOTUC Figure, but with the weird ML ankles (still not used to them) and hinged wrists. 4.0

Paint and sculpt:
There is something slightly off with her face. I can't quite put my finger on it. Also she's tall as hell.
Other than that, her sculpt is great! Paintwise, there have been some cases of derp-eye. Other than that she looks great, even if a bit too tall.


Lion-O: Pick me!
Mumm-Ra: She's going to pick me!
Lion-O: I don't think so! I'm not wearing pants
Mumm-Ra: Neither am I...
Pumyra: We're the 1985 Thundercats, my unrequited love is
Tygra, but he's to busy chasing over Willa and her sister.
Lion-O: Damn, Mumms, that Tygra is such a playa...
Mumm-Ra: Fo, sho' but who do you pick?
Pumyra: OK, my choice is...
Her belt, her belt in sling mode, a sort of Shuriken, the Totem of Dera (Part of the Treasures of Thundera), 2 extra hands.
That's enough for her to get a 5.0 
Pumyra: I pick WilyKat!
WilyKat: SCORE!!
Pumyra: Yes, he's BARELY Legal, you on the other hand are UNDERAGE
and I ain't Hal Jordan...
Mumm-Ra: She played us like a damn-
Everyone: FIDDLE! WE KNOW!!
Mumm-Ra: At least I can bang WilyKit... IT'S CANON!! and Kat too!
Pumyra gets a 4.33 as her score. It's not a bad score, but it kinda stings that SHE got made instead of Cheetara, who theoretically speaking could have reused the Adora Left Bracer and in a worst case scenario even the boots.

Also, Pumyra only looks good next to Lynx-O and Waluigi. At least it's good to have A FEMALE THUNDERCAT who is not Wilykit...

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