Jan 28, 2017

Odds and ends 1/28/17 It Hurt me more than the Golden Girls getting a spin-off.

Let's start with the awful...
John Hurt has lost his battle to Cancer.
Spike, Roll some decent John Hurt Footage...

Spaceballs? Really? No war Doctor "Great Men are Forged in fire" speech?

Much better...
May he rest in Peace!

Oh Japan!

This man is broken and his soul was sucked out of his body.
Haha! The Population has been halved!
Now you can have a Virtual Waifu that will stalk you via phone and control your appliances.
The question every customer is asking:
How do you have sex with it?
Even a fictional wife nags him...
I mean for the price of that sucker, you can buy a life sized Japanese Sex Doll... They exist, I recently checked, but not for the reasons you're most likely thinking. OK, so I watched a hentai movie a few months back where this dude ordered a sex doll, right? The sex doll became self-aware and obsessed with the dude. I knew of the Gag-gift blow-up sex dolls. What I didn't know was that there's a Yuuuuge Market for high-end dolls that can stand and some have voiceboxes so they can make sounds and stuff.
Look at the dude. It's obvious that this man is broken and his soul was sucked out of his body. Look at the emptiness in his life, that that image projects.
Seriously, chatting with a bot that nags you for not getting home sooner is a bit sad... Don't believe Me?

This right here was the part that broke me. I honestly started to cry right there.

The Lonely Man has no one but his virtual waifu to greet him home. That hit me so hard because I've pondered that during this last year.
Home, work, work, home like a little drone with no life outside of that... Well, it hurts, because loneliness hurts...

Let's get the last reference out of the way, Golden Girls.

OK, so Golden Girls... It's allegedly getting a new Spin-off... Well, it's got to be a spin-off since Betty White is playing Rose.

Here's the thing. OK, so Betty White is in her 90s. (Please last at least until 2019) Also, the whole premise is kinda iffy. I think they should just go full reboot.

Z as in Mazinger Z is getting a movie from Japan... Really? a Mazinger Z Movie?

But in Live Action!? I AM Excited for this!

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