Jan 5, 2017

It Came From the Toy Chest: Shadow Weaver with a Penis

I've had a Horde Wraith for a while now. I bought one third party, while waiting for my 4 Wraiths to arrive (1 in the sub and 3 more ordered DoS) So yes, I will be having 5 Wraiths.

You can see a few of the wraiths there. They come from the 200X series and are pretty much Horde Druids, or Generic replacement for Shadow Weaver.
That's pretty much it. Now since Classics is a hodge-podge of all eras, these can act as Shadow Weaver's troops...

So, let's get to the review part.
They got a robed body... The same Robed Body that The Faceless One needed... Wish I had a Spare Faceless One to butcher and make a TRUE Faceless One. This means that the Wraith is like a Jumbo Gorpo. The articulation is similar, but with a bicep swivel AND an ab crunch.

Paint and sculpt:
The paint is minimal. It's mostly gray plastic with some red and black on his cape and shadowy face. On the One Wraith that arrived before all the others there is no paint slop, aside a bit of black paint at the foot of his robe. The Sculpt is mostly new parts: Head, biceps, forearms, hands, abs, lower robe.

A Gummy Horde Staff that got a bad handle, because "the figure can't hold its weapon properly on his right hand"... Even with an open left hand, he can hold it in WITHOUT using the silly handle. I also made him hold it in his right hand without using the handle. He also has a scary clear stand. If the figure is not balanced properly, it'll fall. But to put the stand on the figure you got to warm the hole and use some sort of plastic safe lubricant on the hole and bulbous head of the stand. If you're picturing some naughtier toys, it wasn't the intention, but the wraith's hole is REALLY, REALLY Tight and I was afraid it would have broken the shaft in two. But like those other toys, repeated popping and removing of the peg will loosen the hole.

The Horde Wraith gets a 3.33 as his final score... ON HIS OWN, he's a bit lame, but when you have Multiples, NOW they look awesome...

Just imagine a massive Army of Wraiths surrounding Hordak like the Gill intro... Missed chance Mattel...
Totally Original Idea not ripped off from something else...
It's like I'm a Super Godf Spiritual Guide of Playthings!
IF you were to make a Super Buff Roid Rage Sebrian, this buck could be a starting point, but I'd use Eldor Biceps and forearms.

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