Jan 5, 2017

Super7 is working hard on being better than Matty.

I've said it countless times that the Kitschy stuff by Super7 is NOT My Cup of Tea. I'm only interested in their Action Figures, ever since they got hold of MOTUC. Well, I checked my e-mail, and Super7 sent a little FAQ regarding the Ultimate Figures. Just like I used to do with the MOTU Kardashian, I'll Post the question with the answer and deliver my thoughts on it.

Question: Where are my Masters of the Universe Ultimates and when will I get them?

As we explained before and during the pre-sale, the MOTUC Ultimates are a made to order release and due to arrive and ship in the Spring once production is completed.

An Honest Straight up Answer without any snark? Why couldn't we get that from Matty?  THIS IS REAL TRANSPARENCY...

Question: Will the MOTUC Ultimates be available in the future?

The Ultimates are a made to order release. Any inventory that might remain after orders ship (from cancellations, etc.) will be made available in the Super7 webstore.
No mean-spirited replies about how you should have bought the pre-order.

Question: What is going on with the refunds for MOTUC Ultimates International shipping?

The partial refunds for International shipping have all been issued.
Wow, a TINY, TINY, TINY, TINY Company was able to do what a company "backed by a $7 Billion Powerhouse" couldn't. How is that even possible?

Question: Can I still pre-order or add to my existing pre-order for the MOTUC Ultimates?

No. The MOTUC Ultimates are a made to order release with production based on the orders received during the pre-order open time. Sorry.
OK, I understand that People would not like the answer, but I have to say, it's an honest answer and it doesn't feel loaded with double-speak or condescending tones with snappy catch phrases.
Question: Can I cancel my MOTUC Ultimates pre-order?

Yes, of course. Send a cancellation request to orders@super7store.com with your Order Number.
What kind of Sorcery is this? You couldn't do that with Matty... If the site glitched out and made an extra order, you were poop out of luck and Matty would expect you to get the item, send it back so they could refund you minus shipping (and in some cases you had to pay shipping TWICE!)

Question: Will the Masters of the Universe Filmation and Classics lines continue?

Yes, the Filmation and Classics lines will continue. Look for an announcement soon!
This one is a bit obvious, but again, no snark or snide comments. PROFESSIONALISM... Something that someone should learn about.

Question: Thundercats?? Thundercats!? Thundercats?!

We are working hard to secure the rights to continue the Thundercats line. We hope to have an announcement soon!
Boom! An answer with zero snark and pure positivity. While it's still uncertain that Super7 will get Thundercats (I HOPE THEY DO), they are working hard. They seem to have learned from all the Matty blunders and decided to NOT IMITATE THEM. There's a lack of facepalming, groan inducing non-answers...




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