Jan 13, 2017

Another Nightmare Night Special... Pinkieloo or is it Scootapie?

I am talking about Pinkie Pie Dressed as Scootaloo.
OK I mean Chicken Pie, but I just had to make that Season 1 Reference...

Since it's a figurine and not an action figure, she won't get the standard Rating...

I think she sucks...

Hear me out...

Did you look at the video? Now look at the toy.

Can you notice the inaccuracies to the costume? The Chicken legs should cover her entire hidquarters, she lacks a beak, the bang on her head shouldn't be visible with the cloak on, the candy bag should be worn on her neck.

I only got her because it's Chicken Pie and if I ever get a Luna, I can have them together... I think Pipsqueak comes with Scootaloo or Sweetie Belle. Haven't seen them yet.
To be honest, I would have preferred for this Pinkie to NOT have Removable clothes if it meant that she'd be show accurate.

I know it's weird me using language such as sucks when Pinkie Pie is involved, but this figurine kinda sucks... The sculpt for this Pinkie
is rather rad. Wonder if it's reused on a normal naked Pinkie, cause that pose screams PARTY CANNON!!

Also, @#$% you I have a Minty now...  First Blindbag I buy in ages and I get this!?

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