Jan 26, 2017

Super7 finally revealed their first wave...

In the words of Samuel L. Jackson:


I will rank them from Favorite to Least Favorite: (THEY WILL HAVE COMMENTARY, as always.)

I will start with the best looking figure, I mean, the Ugliest Figure of the wave... By Best Looking, I mean he was purposely made to look ugly as sin, Quakke. All that Delicious new tooling makes me feel like Doctor Lecter.
He seems to have the Man-E-shoulders with extra bits attached to them (probably a new modded MEF shoulder) The boots seem to be NA Skeletor with Blast Attak feet... Clever Horsemen!!

Next on my list is Fangor... This is a New Character. It's rumored that a "professional writer" suggested the idea of a Snakemen Grease Monkey, but since that person is an unreliable narrator, I take this info with a grain of salt. (cue a "we wuz kangs and shiet" post on a certain forum from that person in... 3... 2... 1...)
Fangor: NEW SNAKEMAN, COOL Weapons... I hope 3rd Party Casters do that sword...
I will most likely use the long fanged head, but if 3rd party casters do that small fang head, I could use it to make another generic snakeman. Is that a new belt? If so, Cool! 

If Fangor and Quakke weren't so badass, Lodar would have been higher, Lodar has tons of reuse... I think his feet are new and his right bicep. I hope the chains work on figures. I'm a bit worried about his shoulder articulation.

If third party casters make modded heads available, I could expand Ninjor's army with Lin Kuei Ninja...
Come on, the head looks like the UMK3 Ninja look, but with spikes.
The Weakest link of the bunch is Hawke...

Before anyone brings the soggy knees card, shut up.

The truth has always been that female figures are treated like second class citizens in the action figure world. In MOTU, we had a "professional writer" who was not "intentionally a soggy knee stick" writer, but he pushed out the 4 main women of MOTU to the sidelines.
Sculptwise, Hawke here is suffering.
She HAS DETAILS, but they are VERY Subtle. slightly more detailed than the 2016 Filmation subline, but on the weakest level of detail for MOTUC... (Madame Razz level of detail here.)
It kinda works, but it needed a bit of an OOMPH! Like say, Plundor...
I'm a bit worried about the crotch,,, There's something off there. Hopefully she will have the normal thighs with rotation at the hip and not the Battleground Teela style thighs.

She needed a bit of extra detail to properly pop as a MOTUC Figure. Here's an idea of what I would have done... Mostly all I did was:
-adding studs to her bracers, to match Stratos.
-adding a jewel to her choker
-defining the division between the grey and blue parts of her leotard with a belt
-Making the straps holding the choker to her bustier look like straps instead of grooves.

One positive thing I got to say is the return of the under the breast articulation. The Original Female body, Teela had that Articulation, but the way her tunic was made, well, it messed the articulation from an aesthetic point of view.

So, far, no release details have been given. I hope that like with the ultimates one can order figures individually as well as a bundle. Hawke is a figure many would want multiples due to display options. If we're stuck with buying ONLY the wave, then we're screwed.


  1. Fang-Or is supposed to be the mechanic, but they still needed Snaked out MAA for weapons and vehicles? Maybe this guy learned from MAA?

    1. MAA is the engineer, Fangor is the Mechanic.