Jan 3, 2017

So, 2017... you know what that means: FFVIIR!!

The Remake for FFVII is coming and a hwile back, I made reference of things I wanted to see from the Original game to return... It's rumored that it will come out this year, well Part 1, which I'm guessing might cover at best Disc 1.

Nomura-san already told us that the Wall Market Drag Event IS HAPPENING.

I'm excited for that... Then there's a few more things that I did NOT Mention on that list... So, in the words of Mills Lane, LET'S GET IT ON!!

First item on the list... CRAZY MOTORCYCLE CHASE!!

You just pulled an amazing Rescue of Aerith and fought the President of ShinRa, while your friends fought off another of ShinRa's Robotic Guard Mechs. Cornered at the ShinRa Motor Company showroom, the party jacks two vehicles for their getaway. The ShinRa Military Police gives chase in Motorcycles. Now as Cloud you're forced to defend the truck that your companions are using to escape the ShinRa. Picture it in PS4 Graphics... drool!

Second Item on the list is: Crazy Motorcycle Chase...

Wait, let me explain... There are TWO Crazy Motorcycle Chases in FFVII:
The actual story event
The Arcade Game at Gold Saucer.
I'm talking about the Latter... I know I touched upon it on the last list, but hear me oot.
There's an arcade sector in GS, right? With a couple of mini games... (An updated version of the lamer games would be nice)
Since it's on PS4 with 3D backgrounds, we could get a larger Arcade area and more games...
Well, do you remember when larger arcades had games and sequels, like say MK, MKII, and MKIII?
Well, how about if we apply that to the Mini Games from game events at Gold Saucer.
Like having, say Crazy Motorcycle Chase 1, 2, & Championship Edition Super Turbo
Game 1 is Crazy Motorcycle Chase but Sprite Based, 2 is in PS1 Graphics and the Final version is the "replay"

The Climb...

I just realized, what I triggered... But I don't mean THAT. I mean THIS:

Hopefully this can be made more epic WITHOUT dragging it more than the Original version
Because the Arrival to the ShinRa Building will look EPIC!! 

the Journey to Costa del Sol:

I mean, the Boat trip to get there, and Costa del Sol itself... Maybe Square Enix could give us a chance to play pool there... (and kicking the ball at Nanaki is SUPER FUN!!) Also, Barret in a sailor suit.

-Exploring more of the world... We're supposedly going to be able to see more of Midgar, which I approve.

Now to wait for the game... I hope that game one isn't entirely on Midgar.

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