Jan 1, 2017

Where's Pumyra? a Matty Eulogy.

You are all aware that I got my Mumm-Ra and Pumyra from Mattycollector. What I haven't received is the MOTUC Order, Wraith + Tuskador... It's kinda hard not to complain about Matty's inability to do things when one is nearly 2 months from when they bill you and the items have not arrived. Supposedly, I'll be getting Panthro this week, so I'll close Thundercats with a 2-in-1 review.

Also, Matty is finally DEAD!! (entirely my fault if we're to believe a certain spiritual guide of playthings.) Rumor has it that the remaining items are going to be dealt through the Mattel shop (Much better service and when they offer FREE shipping it's 3-day Priority mail. None of that slow-ass Newgistics)

Now that Matty is dead, I must offer my condolences. It was a FLAWED, FLAWED Website... Relying on a very unreliable distribution company (DigiRiver) The idea was good, the execution was less than desirable. I will put the blame where it solely belongs and that is Mattel and Scott Neitlich.

Having a website where you can buy the figures without having to be on the Retail Hunt is an excellent idea. While, back then, I wasn't a fan of online purchases, now I believe in the idea.

Had Mattel been more invested in nurturing the Adult Collectible area, which they attempted 1/8-assedly with Matty; they'd probably would have been better off. Let's face it: The Adult collector is a stronger buying force than Little Timmy, who is now glued to an iPad.

Sadly, Most of Mattel seems to be in the Stone Age and didn't understand the importance of Mattycollector. Had Mattycollector been managed better, (not a jab against Scott Neitlich) I mean, had Mattel been far more invested in the website, Matty would still be alive. I recognize that Scott DID help in keeping the ship afloat, but that doesn't cancel the bad things he did for the brand.

All in all it was one heck of a ride! The product, for the most part, was amazing. Everything else was a bit of a mess. Now that Matty is now no longer with us, we await what Super7 might bring. Yes, I'm not a fan of the Kitschy stuff they make. In fact I've made some snarky remarks about some items... But that Dungeon Grate Rug looks amazeballs. Hopefully the toys will be awesome and exceed our expectations. I hope that issues don't pop up, so I don't have to rant about them.

Many people are happy to say good riddance to Digital River... I am glad for no longer needing to deal with them (after having multiple issues with them), but I, in a way, will miss Mattycollector. I mean, for months I came to the site, around noon every 15th-ish and I popped up this on the background

as I fought the Red, then White Screen of death to order my MOTUCs... Until I subbed up and stopped visiting Matty that much. Nearly 8 years of tradition is something that isn't shaken off that easily. It's a bittersweet feeling... Sure, dealing with the shenanigans by Scott, the Transparency turned into invisibility from his replacements, and Digital River goof-ups was a pain in the ass, but getting these amazing toys (barring the ones with massive QC issues) made it ALMOST BEARABLE.

Matty, you were unfairly killed by Mattel and Scott Neitlich. He saw the writing on the wall and abandoned ship, and to Render unto Caesar and all that, Scott was A DRIVING FORCE AT MATTY. (I may not have liked all his choices, but credit is given where credit is due.) Mattel lost Disney to Hasbro and Barbie sales began to plummet, so the archaic minds at Mattel targeted Matty. Now in order to save face, they blame me. You had potential, but Mattel didn't see it. Scott lost sight of it when he focused on promoting himself over nurturing Matty.

Despite all the crap, I stuck with you. When they pulled the plug, I was angry... Goodnight Sweet Prince. And flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest.

I'm not sure what I'll do for 2017... If I'll go for 365 rants a year or if that number will change... Only time will tell.

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