Jan 22, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: Matty's Final Large Beast Figure.

Tuskador is finally here... But not the one from my sub... Digital River gave me one final "Screw You" with my order being MIA. Since they never corrected the issue where I was considered "International" well, I'm SOL. So I bought him via eBay roughly at cost.

Tuskador: Who is he?

Basically, Ram Man for New Adventures. Also, he's a trader.
Since he's the Ram Man of New Adventures

So, let's get cracking...

Remember Ram Man? Well, He has the SAME Buck, so expect similar Articulation.
Due to his shoulderpads, you KNOW his Biceps and shoulders have limited articulation. His Spaceboots block the ankles. Other than that he has the same Articulation as Ram Man.

Paint and sculpt:

Oh Holy Crap! That Sculpt. The New Parts make you forget that he's reusing a TON of parts from Ram Man. The Tunic is a dead giveaway.
Paintwise he's absolutely flawless... OK, mine has a minor issue. They put the helmet on him before the blue paint on his headcap dried fully.
Tusky has a gun... Removable helmet and 2 sets of tusks... Short (based on the toon and great for display) Long and kinda act a bit like a stand.

Tuskador gets a 4.0 as his overall score. The Articulation is what hurts this Beautiful, Beautiful New Adventures Figure. It pains me that New Adventures will not be complete... Unless Super7 gets to it and complete NA...

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