Jan 6, 2017

It Came from the Toy Chest: No, seriously, what the @#$% is a Samoflange?

And why must I keep my foot away from it?

OK, so Panthro... the blackest, badassest motherf- Thundercat that ever existed.
Just listen to it:

Now tell me that you don't see the humanoid Cat version of Shaft coming in, kicking ass and taking names. This seems to have been intended by the people making the show... (Now I can hear the gasps of the $ocJu$ crowd looking for outrage Patreon funds)

That's how badass Panthro is.

Panthro's Articulation is virtually the same as Lion-O, except the right wrist... and no boot cut. I kinda wish he had the "sword aloft" right hand so he could swing his nunchuck  in front of him.

Paint and Sculpt:
He looks like Panthro. He's loaded with new parts. I think the biceps are new, The Torso May be new. Everything else seems  compatible with both Thundercats and or MOTUC. My Panthro has a few paint issues. Bleeding on the Armor Spikes, I can understand, but the Red Nunchuck lost a lot of paint IN-PACKAGE... Also his right hand is missing the paint apps from the left hands.

Panthro: You get the key, I keep the phone.
Lion-O: But I want both! I'm LORD OF THE THUNDERCATS
and I DEMAND YOU to give me the key!
Panthro: If you win, you get both. If I win, I keep both.
Lion-O: Prepare to lose, old man!
Nunchuck, Action pose Swirling Nunchuck, Extra left hand to hold the Thundrillium Detector, said Thundrillium Detector, and the Key to Thundera, part of the Treasures of Thundera. I do have a few nits to pick. I already mentioned the lack of aloft Right hand for the chucks. I wish the cats hands were a bit stronger. Thanks to the whole packed with the chucks in hand, my Panthro's right hand is super loose. (Insert Thundercats are loose joke here.)The removable harness almost hinted to an eventual spikes out version... (Oh please! I'd buy a second Panthro for that. Especially if it comes with a second Green Eyed head as the Mumm-Ra Panthro clone) It would be same Panthro, with a head with painted GITD Green for the eyes and extra armor. Only with the plain nunchuck. If we're lucky add the action chuck in inverted colors. Red twirl, blue handle.

Panthro gets a 4.5 as his final score. Paint issues, were what hurt him. That's the end of Matty's Thundercats... Holy crap! I have a complete line!? I just wish it was a Complete Roster... Sadly, Mattel killed Matty, fan negativity had a small part on it, but the brunt of the load lies on Mattel's inability to fix the problems created by themselves and the antics of Mattycollector's former head honcho, who chose to pursue a celebrity status... (wait until he tells us how he met Stan Lee) instead of getting stuff fixed. Now he's all "He wuz kangz and shiet."  Hopefully Super7 can get the license and finish what Matty Started...

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