Jan 19, 2017

More MOTU from Loyal Subjects...

There's a new wave of Loyal Subjects MOTU Figures... Exclusive to WalMart... I went today to one of the WalMarts that supposedly have them and came empty-handed. The employees were no help either. They didn't know what I was talking about.  The Hot Topic and FYE I used to get Loyal Subjects MOTU have dried up and I need a Teela. (or 2) then I'd need an extra Evil Lyn, Man-e-Faces, Skeletor, and Tri-Klops to have a full set on my Christmas Tree next year.

Well, the new wave is Repaints of:
Evil Lyn
Trap Jaw

To that we add a Flocked Variant of Beastman (1/96) Anti-Eternia He-Man (28) as in only 28 in the entire world and a Single Gold He-Man... Single as in the only one in the Universe...

Seriously, couldn't they just take Beastman, put Stratos arms on him and flock the crap out of it and make Mossman? Couldn't they sculpt 2 new armors for BA He-Man and Skeletor? Or toss in a Prince Adam with flocked vest to simulate the toy's velour vest? Maybe the next wave will be new characters...

I'm kind of torn on the issue. There are no new characters, but some REALLY RARE repaints... I might as well just repaint a spare He-Man into AE He-Man and call it a day.

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