Sep 24, 2015

a quiet rant...

Sniper, Silent assassin, Super Powered Mutant Freak who pisses off Sock Juice Whiners because she wears skimpy clothes and has big boobs.

We know that the SJWs were angry about the action figure, because of her softer breasts to help with poses.

Now after playing the game, I still think they are a bunch of perennially offended crybabies that need to shut the Hell up! Slut-shaming a Fictional Character... Ridiculous! Wanting to stifle creativity because "it offends them" is ludicrous!

They are overreacting NOW!? About a character from a Hideo Kojima game!? The Same Hideo that is extremely subtle and does not beat you his message with a blunt instrument!?

Quiet has Fan Service written all over her. She is not the first fan-service-y character in the series. Ever since 1998's MGS we've had some fan service... Meryl's Nipples poking through her top and the scenes of her in her panties. Sniper Wolf to a small point. Then Came VR Missions with Naomi Panties! We get to MGS2 and we have EE who is basically covering the Little Sister fetish and Meganekko all in one. We can't forget Jennifer on the Big Shell!

We have EVA on Snake Eater and the whole B&B corps. from MGS4. Not forgetting Naomi's return and Rose's magical Six Axis boob jiggle!


Then there is also C├ęcile... to complete the Peace Walker combo... wait, does Strangelove being... a lesbian count?

All of these ladies had some pantyshot or some sort of Fan Service-y action related to them. Quiet is no different. Her lack of clothing has a somewhat silly reason to exist, but is not as far-fetched as...

Liquid Snake's talking arm! Parasites on her skin acting as lungs is nothing compared to Demonic Possession by an Arm... Sure in the end it was nanomachines, therapy and a buttload of acting, but Hideo did throw the Psychic Medium angle at us for a few years.

Quiet is mostly naked due to her "condition" after the Prologue. She's making the most of it. She could be 100% naked, but that could have brought up an Adults Only rating, due to the US having a slightly more puritanical approach to nudity. Then again, the Pin-up poses and coquette playfulness could be cataloged as porn if she was fully naked.

Now this scene is "offensive" because it "infantilizes" Quiet... or so they say. While, yes, Quiet is behaving in a child-like manner playing in the rain, she also coaxes Big Boss to play in the rain like a child as well. She is trying to bring the Humanity back to Big Boss in her own way, trying to stop him from becoming a full monster. Then we have the whole Quiet falling in love with Snake... There is a long list of people falling in love with the Legend of Big Boss and Solid Snake.
EVA, Paz, Quiet for Big Boss. (Not too sure about Cecile though) then we had Meryl and Mei Ling falling for Snake. Raiden was a Solid Snake fanboy while Ocelot was a Big Boss fanboy... a theme that has been repeated for some time on the Franchise's story... Come to think of it REPETITION is a main theme throughout the saga. Back to Quiet. Her design is meant to be sexy and kind of arousing to straight men, lesbians (depends on the person and if they can get aroused by virtual characters) and cosplayers.

Is this video empowering or misogynistic?

Beyond her Outfit and somewhat flimsy justification, Quiet is a LOT MORE than a cute girl with big boobs in a Bikini. She becomes a reliable ally during her tenure in the game. She seems to leave the game for a reason not mentioned because Spoilers (and haven't completed it). This caused a petition to Konami to bring her back, whether by a patch or DLC.

Isn't it funny that the people who want "equality" are the first ones to demonize stuff they don't like?

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