Sep 20, 2015

The Twiggets of Etheria rant.

The Twiggets, they're like wood... uh, sprites... of Etheria? I don't want to call them Etherian non-furry Ewoks, but it kinda works too!

Mattel says and a I quote their answer from a recent Q&A
3. Penny Dreadful: Will you ever release the three main Twiggets from the She-Ra cartoon, perhaps as a 3-pack? They were in almost every episode. If you make them, I'll totally buy you ice cream sandwiches at Power-Con next year. Thanks!

Maybe! That's a tough request but would make a great 3-pack.

That's a TOUGH Request!? TOUGH REQUEST!? From a Tooling standpoint is the only way this request is tough. Otherwise, they're kinda easy to do. Mattel has worked making mostly articulated 3 3/4" figures before... Twiggets are close to that, but on a 7" articulated line. The FourHorsemen CAN MAKE 3 3/4" figures.

Why are these cartoony vertically impaired tree people so important to the lore?

Let's start with She-Ra's intro, shall we? Would you look at that? Next to Queen Angella we have a Twigget!

They're on the Freaking Intro, so in a way they ARE ON EVERY FREAKING EPISODE!!

Not only that, but if we ignore the intro, they appear in MANY Episodes, seeing that the Great Rebellion shares a home with THEIR Habitat, the Whispering Woods. Come to think of it, the Rebellion are basically GUESTS at the Twiggets' home. So that kinda makes up the main reasons to have them... Now the question is where?

The answer's simple: Masters of the Universe Classics: Collector's Choice, of course!
The Filmation Sub-Line is called He-Man and the Masters of the Universe... Which limits a lot of the characters that can be made there... Also, after looking at a lot of twigget pics, We don't need them in that underdetailed style. They seem to have more detail than meets the eye...
As we can see on this pic and the notes attached, the clothes have some added detail that varies from scene to scene and in episodes. Going the pure plain green kinda cloth clothes would defeat the uniqueness that the Twiggets have.

For Sprocker's somewhat furry Clothing I am proposing Flock for his tunic and pants. While I'm not a fan of Flocking, it would suit him. It helps sell the plant motif that they have and Sprocker being the hairy one, well, deserves becoming the "hairy plant".

Spragg and Spritina's leafy clothing can be made in plastic with no gimmicks like flocking.

Articulationwise, Spragg and Spritina should be as close to the same articulation as normal figures. Sprocker COULD Lose some leg articulation, due to his specific shape. (OK, now I'm interested in a Sprocker that can pull off a JCVD split)

I know this is stating the obvious. But we NEED these guys and gal in MOTUC. Without them the Rebellion is not complete. Besides, they could also toss in 3 Generic Heads with them so we can kind of Army build Twiggets by buying a second set. Toss in some Sword to... Accessories and people will buy them... Heck toss in a transformed Imp and people will still bite.

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