Sep 5, 2015

It Came From the Toy Chest: Ohai Hordak!

I did not hit her, it's not true! and Why am I quoting Tommy Wiseau? Is it because now My Hordak's voice is currently Played by Tommy Wiseau or is it that this Hordak is Bull- an unpopular variant that makes me AS angry as Tommy Wiseau in The Room? don't make me look for More WISEAU MASTERPIECES!!

Who is BS Hordak... whose BS Stands for Buzz Saw... Officially, but fans have taken another term to BS... Well, I got the results of the test back - Hordak definitely has breast cancer and the Tumor is shaped like a Buzzsaw Dumbbell. In the vintage Toyline, this was the third Hordak Figure: He looked Just like the first Hordak with 3 minor differences: Shorter Cape, Different Belt and the Obvious Chest Opening. Well, In Classics we get 1.5 out of those: His chest opens and his belt is KINDA Different... Same belt as everyone else, but this Time Hordak has a short loincloth.

High Quality Control... From Mattel!
AB CRUNCH IS MISSING FOR OBVIOUS REASONS! My Hordak's left Elbow is useless thanks to Poor QC... Lucky for Me I was going to customize BS Hordak and put in some God Damn Forearms on him. 3.0 with the QC issue, 3.5 for a normal BS Hordak

Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt is boring... but the paints make this Hordak more appealing. Yes, that's right, I said BS Hordak is appealing without using a NOT in the sentence. I kinda like the look of him. 3.0 Normal Figure. 4.5 after tweaking (third party Staction head and GD Forearms) I don't care much for the Buzz Saw Cavity... BTW, his armband is white and either the paint or glue got it stuck on him.
BS In action!

Now he looks so much better!

Buzz Saw and Vintage White Crossbow... Yawn.

BS Hordikins gets a 3.0... or would have if he was a non-QC issue figure. MINE gets a 2.83 BEFORE Customization. After Customization he gets a: 3.5 so, he's not THAT Bad, but aside the nice colors, he is kinda crappy. He is now my Default Hordak... I am confused by this as well, but whatever.