Sep 13, 2015

Filmation Teela was officially revealed at Grayskull Con...

My reaction to seeing her.
Only one word can describe her, but A Picture is worth a thousand words.

Teela has now beaten Frosta and Double Trouble on the Ugliest Female MOTUC Figure Contest...

How Ugly is this Teela? Pics after the jump.

Trigger Warning:
Keep Large Plastic bags on a container next to you in case you need to throw up... This will get ugly... and I'm talking Tommy Wiseau's naked ass levels of Ugly...
Hell, I think this matches Toy Biz Scarlet Witch and X-Men Legends Rogue levels of ugly...

Any way DO THE MARIO! 

Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate
Dante's Inferno

I found that quote quite fitting for this reveal.

The Face is such a MASSIVE Fail that it's not even funny.
Seriously, that face looks WAY OFF. She has Hyper Botoxed Lips and NO CHIN...

She is in no way accurate to the Filmation Look.
I wish this was something that I could chalk to What works in 2D does not necessarily work in 3D kind of thing.

I mean LOOK at this Nice Filmation Teela Pic, then look at the toy... Preferably the facial closeup pic...

But the Fail does not end there...
Look at her Full Body pic. Her torso looks Bloated and I mean Rubenized Armor Bloated.

They could have used the BGT Torso painted white and Caucasian Flesh on the neck and Clevage area and made the gold parts of her upper outfit a "bra Overlay) Then the new bottom with bottom just to keep Teela's shape and not look so bloated.

Now THIS I can Kind of chalk up to What Works in 2D does not necessarily work in 3D, but there is a bit of an Engineering blunder.

I HOPE that the head issue was an isolated issue (like the left Forearm on my BS Hordak) and that we get a less monkey faced Teela... Looks like skin tones will not match 2009 Teela... DAMMIT!
Be very afraid of what they could do to the Filmation Evil Lyn that was not shown...

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