Sep 9, 2015

It Came from the Toy chest: Quit while you're ahead... or six

The following It Came from the Toy Chest is an awkward one because it's "Too Morbid" and it's the 200X Sub Accessory (head) pack: Clawful, Grizzlor, Roboto, Snout Spout, Buzz Off, and Sy-Klone are all getting Updates in the Head Area!! Will I use these new heads, or will I stick to Vintage?
Of course I'm swapping the heads!

Now, put on those Mario Caps and JUMP!

He now has a less goofy head on him without those Ugly Muppet eyebrows. He kinda looked like a Vintage/200x Hybrid. The smaller eyes kill the goofiness of the old head. (Remember that I had to pop out a few veins on his eyes to make him look more menacing after painting the muppet eyebrows red.) The more Crab-like shell helps to sell the Classicized 200X look for him.

Another one that benefited from the 200X Head... Sure he's currently lacking the Shoulder rings, but that is a forgivable omission due to him being mostly Vintage inspired... Aside the Back Ring which is 200X Baby!! The head helps make a Reasonable CLASSICIZED 200X Sy-Klone.

Yes, his hair is one or 2 shades lighter. It's a bit noticeable under bright lights. The face looks a bit too calm for what is supposed to be a berserker... If we take the Bios into consideration, then this more calm face could be Grizzlor UNDER the Horde's spell, He even has the Hypno crown to keep him in check.

Now for the figures that the 200X Don't exactly work too well, but I'm keeping them anyways.

Snout Spout:
The head doesn't fit the body, says the guy who bought a Staction head cast to fix the broken trunk on Snouty. The head is cool and slightly better proportioned, but the body is too Vintage... At least from the waist down. If the Shapeways Masters could deliver Staction Slip-on shoes for Snout Spout just to help sell the head a bit better. Honestly though, Snout Spout was perfect for a 200X Redo: Think about it: That head + Harness. Put it on a Normal Torso with Hordak Abs, Add the MEF Shoulders and Flipshot Biceps to the Snouty Forearms. Give him the Snouty Loincloth Have the thigh peg pieces be gray and connect them to Extendar's thighs then Add Blast Attack's Shins and NA Skeletor Feet. a No New Pieces Classicized 200X Snout Spout.

Hey Horsemen, you forgot the Bee Sunglasses! The head is fine, the yellow might be slightly brighter than the stripes, but it works... It's just that he needs new hands and new legs to pull off the 200X Look better. Maybe the Kobra Khan Loincloth could help... And Dactus Feet on Evil Seed Shins.

Take a Mighty Spector Figure  and pop-off the Deadpool head. (His ball peg is slightly bigger than Roboto's.) Warm up Roboto's head and pop it on Spector's body and let it rest for an hour. Pop it of Spector's body and try to reattach it a few times. Now that it has loosened up a little bit, you can pop it in Roboto's body. It doesn't work as well either... Body is too damn vintage... Mine may be slightly Asymmetrical... But I said goodbye to the Gizmoduck face!

Rumors have it that one of the MOTUC Shapeways Masters is working on a Roboto 200X Upgrade pack! What will it be? No idea. Is it just the Torso Armor, or will it be Armor Plus Weapons? When will it come out? No idea either... all I know is I want it!

I've already mentioned how to make a 90-something percent reuse 200X Roboto before.

I like the headpack, and I'm enjoying all the 200X Heads, but a 200X Head on a vintage body a 200X Classics figure does not make... Am I Right, Whiplash? In some cases it works, on others they don't... but Most of those vintage heads, I hated, so even if some don't work as well, I'm keeping the 200X heads on them.

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