Sep 27, 2015

Standing with Ahmed?

Yes, the Kid who disassembled a digital clock and put it inside a briefcase shaped pencil case who was detained by the police after a Teacher reported that said clock kinda looked like a bomb.

Here's the thing: People have jumped on the racism bandwagon pretty fast. They forget one thing:
Remember the Pop Tart Gun?

Gun Fingers kid?

The Tsarnaev brothers and their Pressure Cooker Bombs on Boston?

Nine Eleven?

Ever since that fateful day in 2001, the US has been a bit edgy, which is understandable. I have to admit that the Pop Tart gun or the Gun fingers kid are a bit ridiculous. Due to real dangerous events like the Boston Marathon Bombing, 9/11/2001, Sandy Hook, etc. the schools have been forced to enforce some laws that seem ridiculous.

Now we bring the Attaché case clock. whether or not it is a bomb is now irrelevant. We live in an era where pointing gun fingers at some kid means suspension. To have a kid disassemble a clock and attach it to a pencil case that coincidentally makes it look like a bomb is a bit fishy.

Why choose a Brief Case looking case to put it in? Why not choose something that looked less like a 1980s movie Bomb, like, i don't know attaching the clock guts to a wooden panel?

The Kid is 14... He has been called names due to his name and religion. (This is wrong and it shouldn't happen) but being so oblivious to not know that people would react badly to a Briefcase shaped clock with wires and bits dangling about? Especially, knowing that he had been called names due to him being Muslim and the last few years of Terrorist acts that had been perpetrated by people who happened to be Muslims as well. Is it racist to think that all Muslims are terrorists, yes. What we cannot deny is that recent terrorist attacks have been made by people who have been identified as Muslim. To me this reeks of a stunt to get a reaction. Similar to how Simon Gruber forced McLane to wear the infamous sign on Die Hard 3.
The House of Rants staff does not agree with the words
on the Sandwich board sign from Die Hard 3.
Yeah... I mean it's not like his father has tried to become President of Sudan or anything... Oh wait! He has! Supposedly, Ahmed is no stranger to controversy, according to one of his teachers. He has supposedly tinkered with Electronics to prank teachers or help them. (A remote to interfere with a projector, or making a MacGyver Cellphone charger)

According to the Dallas Morning News (archived link)

The teacher remembered talking about the Islamic State and other terrorist groups, agreeing with Ahmed that they twisted Muslim scripture to control ignorant people.
“I said, ‘Don’t they read their own Quran?’ Kubiak recalled. “He said, ‘A lot of folks don’t.’”
The child was aware of Terrorists who are Muslim and how they pervert their religion to justify their ends. The kid also blames Islamophobia for bullying by students and staff.

Let's rewind here. A 14 year old kid, who has been known to be some sort of prankster; who is aware of Muslim Terrorists and how America reacts to possible Terrorist threats decides to put a clock inside a briefcase shaped pencil case and did not expect people to think it was some sort of bomb!? It looks like it was a stunt to "point out bigotry against Muslims". This also could be some sort of Hoax Bomb, which are illegal in Texas.

Point is, I disagree with the harassment he claims he's gotten. I do not agree that his behavior should be rewarded. If he simply disassembled a clock and attached it to a pencil case, he invented nothing. Doing it despite being called "Terrorist" by other classmates was looking for trouble. He is old enough to have known that it could have been misinterpreted. Heck! One of his teachers told him that
He showed it to his engineering teacher first thing Monday morning and didn’t get quite the reaction he’d hoped for.
“He was like, ‘That’s really nice,’” Ahmed said. “‘I would advise you not to show any other teachers.’”
To me it looks like he was looking for trouble. The School did the right thing. To err on the side of caution. If it had truly been a bomb, the school would have been praised. Instead, it's gathering hate like Pop Tart Kid's or Gun Fingers Kid's because it was not a bomb.

I cannot stand with him, because this seems to be manufactured to incite something. the shame is that kids are being used by manipulative adults.

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