Sep 14, 2015

Point Dread: the gift that keeps on giving...

Yesterday, I rambled about Teela being damn ugly... Today...

You can see some better pics at but, I swiped one of their pics to make my point:

Honey, Matty Shrunk Down Point Dread!

It's not simply the added wall to the top part of the playset for support... It's the size of it.  On the Prototype He-Man AND Teela fit in comfortably inside the lower part... Now they TOWER OVER THE LOWER PART and can go in only one at a time.
The figure inside can look through the window outside...

Point Dread has become the Castle Grayskull Latrine.
Or a bit better for Vintage Figures and not MOTUC.

On a positive note: Love the sword and shield... not to mention the Talon Fighter, which is now the Only Reason to buy this Teela... This better not cost over $170 shipped...


  1. this is why i said, the new guys should not have been so quick to insult trollguru. look at this garbage, we were so distracted be failmation teela's ugly face, we didn't notice how they screwed up point dread. they should have saved her for the sub & given us the point dread in the prototype. idiots.

    1. Sad part is that Teela was easily fixable... I might do another write up explaining how.
      This point dread feels rushed and really cheap and not in a good way.