Sep 28, 2015

A Huge Personal Setback.

You may have noticed that there has been a slight slowdown here at the House of Rants. Sadly, my personal life has hit a rather huge setback between work, dealing with my mom's issue and this has reduced my ranting time. It's not easy, I am hoping for the best, but during the time being I will be ranting a little bit less frequently. Not by choice, but out of necessity. The first section that will take a hit will be the It Came From the Toy Chest reviews. For reasons outside my control, my Toy Budget will be redirected to other things higher in the Totem Pole of Priorities. I will finish the 2015 sub, but most likely not buy the Out of Sub Items, meaning Thong Hssss and Point Dread. This will stop my Black Friday shopping and will have to see what I'll do for 2016.

I had to cancel my preorders for the MOTU Halloween Swords and the Mini comic Anthology book.

I'm not posting this to get people to feel bad or for pity. I am simply pointing out why my Activity here has decreased a bit and why it will decrease for a little while longer.

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