Sep 23, 2015

I now kinda understand One More Day...

But Joe Quesada is still a douche. I'm currently going through a REALLY rough patch that made me realize Peter's reasoning for accepting the deal with the Devil is something that ANYONE would do in that situation... A son willing to sacrifice himself for his mother... (I know that she's his Aunt, but she's like a mother to him.) It's somewhat relatable if one ignores the superpowers and the literal deal with the Devil.

While the situation of having a mother figure in a delicate health condition and the son figure feeling powerless to help, can create a moving story; the problem is that it's Aunt May... She has died once already and had so many close encounters with Death to have it as a Friend on Facebook.

It's not Peter's soul that Mephisto wants, so making a deal ALMOST seems OK... I guess that's the angle Quesada was going for. I still believe it's a stupid move, because of the whole Divorce Evil, Deals with the Devil Good mentality from JoeQ.

It's funny what the mind can do when one is going through a really stressful situation. I still can't believe that I'm saying something somewhat positive about OMD.

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