Sep 6, 2015

For the Honor of Shapeways!!

I am reviewing the DC She-Ra Sword of Protection that I won from the Where is Loo-Kee? Contest from Man at Arms' Workshop. You should check them out. They review Third Party MOTU Custom stuff, whether Shapeways 3D Printed Stuff or Normally sculpted stuff. I am a regular reader/commenter there.

The DC Powersword comes from derWaffenmeister's shop. The Gems were an added extra from Team at MAAW... You rock!

As you can see on this final pic, the beauty of this Sword is that it fits Traditional She-Ra pretty well.
I wouldn't be opposed to a Pointy Crotch She-Ra made by Mattel, because we ARE getting Despara.

I wouldn't say no to an Ironman Pants He-Man...
Yes, that's right, I said I want an Ironman Pants He-Man.
I HATE The Design... I hate the PANTS, but I warmed up to the DC Sword and now I kinda need a He-Man worthy of carrying said Sword. (Aside King He-Man)
Back To She-Ra and her DC Sword. I like that it's big and strong. It looks like a weapon to be wielded by THE STRONGEST WOMAN IN THE UNIVERSE. I also enjoy that it doesn't look like any other sword in MOTUC... The Sword of Protection looks a bit puny next to Angella's sword.

The gems I got are slightly bigger than the socket on the sword, but they look great and are roughly MOTUC Sword of Protection size. Now, you can go with any color combos, but going DC Accurate gives it an edge. You should try them if you want your She-Ra to have a sword that looks different from Adora's.

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