Sep 5, 2015

It came from the Toy chest: *bleep* you, Artichoke!

I'm aware that Chokey the Artichoke is a sub exclusive for the Filmation Sub-Line, but the REALLY COOL Looking Evil Seed made it to MOTUC First!

Who is Evil Seed? Basically Evil Mossman... The End!
He is also a douchebag... Who looks like Carnage if the symbiote had bonded with Asparagus.

The 200X Evil Seed has something to make him stand out...

Guess who else is a douchebag?

MOTUC Douchebros!

The Plant Douche has Normal Articulation... Be careful with the thighs... One bad move could tear the vines. Other than that, it's standard Articulation without Bootcut. I can't stress this enough, don't be an idiot with the thigh Articulation, you might break your figure.
Paint and Sculpt:
Surprisingly he got a ton of welcome new parts! His colors look more plant-like in real life. One nifty thing is that he has 2 spikes on his back that can kinda hold an accessory on it. Not sure if Intentional or not.

A Filmation Scepter of Power... on a 200X Figure... Weird, huh? A little Vine Viper.
Shame that they didn't add a Clip-On Vine Spike.
Say ello' to my lil' friend!


Evil Seed gets a 3.83 because he needed something extra to make him pop. a SINGLE Accessory, seeing that the other one if for EP Randor takes a lot from him. Hopefully some Shapeways Master will make something for him.

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