Sep 5, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Mara of Primus

It's a bit hard to come with anything witty about this figure for an It Came from the Toy Chest, seeing that she shares a name with my cousin... Her name is Primus... My cousin's...
OK, so here's the deal: I've mentioned my cousin on a previous rant. She was my gateway to POP toys. Thing is that she scared me as a kid. I could only play with her POP toys the Filmation inspired way whenever she took a nap or something else caught her interest long enough for me to sneak around and play with MOTU and POP toys. She preferred the Mattel way... which was pretty much Barbie-inspired. To this day her laugh gives me the willies. Then again, she is the reason why I can't watch Slayers... My cousin laughs like Naga the Serpent. But, we're not here to talk about Cousin Primus...

So, Mara is basically the "Teela" of New Adventures... You know, Female, possible love interest for Adam, kinda has her suspicions about He-Man... She's Master Sebrian's Assistant and we got a toy of her.

Sopinsky Dropped the Ball Here. Battleground Teela Thighs!? No Rocker Ankles AND NO BOOT CUT!?

Females get the Short end of the stick, but DAYUM!
Bow is channeling his inner K-Pop singing power.
Paint and Sculpt:
Maras have a case of Derp-Eye. mine luckily doesn't, but some of her gold is a bit off... and by that I mean SLOPPY AS HECK!
The Sculpt is cool, but weird Child Safety Laws on Adult Collectibles ruin Mara's Spiked Bracelet. On the Other hand she has some extra ASSets sculpted on her.

She has a Pugil stick! and a shield... Her secret weapon? Make fun of Will Smith's children... Or at least the one that was in bed with RRRRRRRRRRICO! (It's been a while since I've pulled a Hannah Reference) Mara uses Extensions and a spiked ball at the end... You tell her that her Extensions look fake... I'll call a medic!

Mara gets a 3.5 as her final score. I blame her Articulation for the lower score...

Personally, I prefer the Toga Version of the character, but we got this one, which is a pleasant surprise. Can't wait for Crita Next year.
Just to diminish the Sausagefest in Space.
Part of this story is on the Evil Seed Review.

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