Sep 14, 2015

Pilot Teela Screw Up... Solution was too obvious that Mattel didn't think about it.

That's why the Design team can't see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch!
I'm not going to talk about the Head goof up... I'm going to address the Dress:
The issue about her Body Suit looking all messed up had an easier solution staring at us right in the face. No it's not the Battleground Teela idea I posted last time. The Route that they should have taken comes right after the jump!
If you look at the Design of Teela's Outfit, there is one OBVIOUS place to put an Articulation cut...
A bit below the chest. It's where here Gold Overlay ends and the White Bodysuit begins. If Only MOTUC had a Female Body with an Articulation cut below the breasts... It's the 1.0 body.
I got Marlena Naked and quickly doodled Teela's body suit over it.

It's a really simple solution. Maybe only 1 new piece would be needed: The Bottom part of the 1.0 buck to hold a separate part of her bodysuit and even then it may not be necessary.

That way the Bulkiness would be mostly on the Golden top, which, while not "100% Filmation Accurate" it could have been chalked up to an issue of converting 2D design into a 3D item. Seeing that the top is supposed to be an ADDED Layer of Clothing to her white Bodysuit then the variation in thickness could almost be forgiven...

On the official one that we are getting from Mattel, we cannot do that seeing that her waist Disappears between her bulky top and slightly less bulky bottom. To make matters worse the division between torso and crotch piece begins at the waist where her bodysuit has no way to hide the articulation point and make it look natural.

But Once again, Mattel Chose Poorly...

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