Sep 7, 2015

Odds and ends Sept.7, 2015: Underwater Khal Drogo wants people to take him seriously.

Aquaman is a joke thanks to The Super Friends, but he's no joke in the comic... Jason Momoa wants you to take Aquaman seriously, because he's playing Khal Drogo underwater. Well, Aquaman is no joke, but now JASON MOMOA IS THE JOKE. He thinks that... you know what, I'll pull up the quote:

 We don’t want to just reinvent it, but [Snyder has] got a whole idea of what Aquaman should be and I’m really honoured to be playing it. I’m excited for the world to see it.
He believes in Zack Snyder... Also read key words Reinvent, Snyder, What AQUAMAN SHOULD BE... Zack Snyder couldn't even get Superman right and we're expected to believe that he can make Aquaman? By Making him an Underwater Khal Drogo? Ooh! That's edgy! I've heard rumors that Snyder's solution to WW and Aquaman will be...

Yup, Aliens, Kryptonians to be specific.
If this ends up to be true, then it would be a giant load of crap... I'm so angry that not even the Goldblum clip can cheer me up!!!

That rumor gives me fear... Sadly it would make sense if they go that way, seeing the ZSverse is trying to emulate the Nolanverse...(Not sure if Batffleck will be part of the Nolanverse continuity, or if MOS started a New Reboot of the DCCU)

Snyder not getting DC's greatest hero gives me little hope in the rest... Aside Batman, seeing that Affleck gets the character and will do his damned best to Apologize for Dare Devil... (Also we're stuck with him for 5 movies, better start liking Affleck, cause we'll get a ton of him.)

Seeing the pic of Momoa and how he's been typecast in "barbarian" roles, we can predict what we can expect from him... Yes, I once was interested in Momoa playing the role. Sadly, my attitude has shifted after reading Momoa's thoughts on the matter. I have no faith in him as Aquaman.

Aquaman NEEDS to show off his badassery on the mainstream. I'm just now more worried about the damage Snyder can do now... Please Batffleck, don't suck... We don't need to have another:

You know what? There is no way I can outdo this level of WTF... Only thing that could do it is Tommy Wiseau wanting to Direct Fantastic Four 2... Oh may Lawd he does! This is so messed up, Wiseau, completely known for directing a HORRIBLE MOVIE wants to make a sequel to another Horrible movie... You could make something pretty out of something horrible.

But this is Tommy Wiseau we're speaking of... Fox wouldn't give HIM a Chance... Honestly, he should go to Sony or Marvel and Demand to be Morbius.

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