Sep 24, 2015

videogame Voice Actors may go on Strike...

Troy Baker, John DiMaggio, Tara Strong, Cree Summer, Jennifer Hale, Cam Clarke... Do any of those names ring a bell? All of them are Voice Actors who have done voices in popular videogame series... They also do Cartoons... Well, the Union may go on strike.

This is what they want:

This is what they're fighting against:

You know what, I am kinda siding with the Voice Actors here. Their job is a REALLY HARD JOB TO DO. It gets no respect especially when you have asshats like Chris Rock dissing the job "for comedy".

People saying screw them, don't see how bad this will be if the good Voice Actors are skipped over because they want to protect themselves while working.

Bad voice Acting...

Or we could have celebrities being themselves and get a buttload of money... Like Chris Rock "joked" about.

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