Sep 11, 2015

A Shapeways MOTU Cinematic Tribute!

Another Shapeways sale happened where shipping was free for orders over $35... I caved in and got a few MOTU Items... All of them have appeared in a movie.

I'll start with Blade's well, Blades! We know that the Horsemen kinda messed up Blade's swords... Or at least the Movie Sword. They used a Highlander pic as reference and the sculpt wasn't as accurate. Luckily der Waffenmeister has us covered.
 They are slightly shorter than the Mattel Sword, so Blade can Bend his legs without the sword blocking his articulation. I must warn thee: The handle is still a bit thick.

The next Set of Items is a pair of Swords made by Evil Mike.
Where are they? Where are your friends now?
Tell me about the loneliness of good, He-Man.
 Is it equal to the loneliness of evil?
Once Again, The fans do what Mattel Won't... or Can't!
Swords based on the 1987 Movie for He-Man and Skeletor... Mike has a Havoc Staff as well...

The incredible thing is how well these blades fit the Toy Inspired Classics Figures. (Sure I may be cheating a bit by using a Spare Carnivus Cape on He-Man to make him more Dolph-Like.)

I am almost tempted to get a second set of these just to paint them in a more Toy Inspired Palette.

The next Item is not from the 1987 Movie, but the 1985 movie: The Secret of The Sword.
The Horde Blaster Gun held by Adora. It's not 100% Filmation Accurate because a Square Gun Grip could damage Adora's hands. Speaking of Grips and Damage BE SUPER DUPER CAREFUL!!
The Front Grip can be a bit troublesome and it's FRAGILE. There is some potential of breakage.
Also, the gun is made to be held with the left hand on the Trigger and the Right Hand on the front grip.
Other than that, DJ Force knocked it out of the park! I did take some liberties with the coloring, but that's just me.

Every time the fans do these Amazing Pieces, you get to expand MOTUC and in some cases Improve upon the toys.
We get cool additions, from movies, cartoons, even some brand new original things (like the Cool Horde Leader Sword crafted by Evil Mike based on a design by Chris S. and Yours Truly... Yeah, I'll keep promoting that sexy trident of doom!!)

From getting custom weapons to heads and I've seen FIGURES made via 3D Printing... This never ceases to Amaze me!!

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