Sep 17, 2015

odds and ends 9/17/15

Clara is finally leaving The Doctor... Jenna Louise Coleman is leaving Doctor Who... Now if only she could take Moffat with her. I'm not to sure how I should feel about this. I don't like Clara that much to begin with, but New Companions!! And The Doctor Returning...

Gamestop is flipping the bird at Console Digital Bundles. This is of course to protect their revenue stream with Physical Copy resales, but they ARE Correct in a way. A Physical Copy in a Console Bundle is better than a Digital one.
Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is roughly 21 GB

So, picture this: You get a Bundle with a Digital game and you have a rather slow Internet Connection. Try downloading 21 GB worth of data on that connection...
OK so it took you more than a day and then the added patches.

So ASSCreed4 is 21 GB, then Battlefield 4 is almost 34 GB, Injustice is 22 GB, Call of Duty Ghosts is 31GB and your PS4 hard drive is 500GB.You've spent roughly 108GB out of your less than 500GB available in 4 games.(I'm assuming the PS4 uses some of that HD space for other stuff) That's not counting the additional patches that could eat up more space and the save data for those games. With Physical copies, the burden on the system is reduced.

That's why I agree to an extent with Gamestop's stance.

Jesse Eisenberg is trying hard to sell us Batman: Justice League Prep Time... I think Not so Superman is in it, cause I saw him in the trailer. Of course, Jesse Eisenberg makes it sound even more pretentious... and One MORE THING... He forgets that Zack Snyder is directing and he sucks at understanding Superman... Also... Eisenberg is responsible for this:

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