Sep 13, 2015

He-Man needs the Origin story in the movie...

Some writer at Forbes, thinks that we don't need an Origin Story for He-Man. I could take the low brow route and call him an idiot that looks like the Creepy Uncle Stereotype...  Luckily for him I will not, because that would be ad hominem and not attacking the argument. (That would be the SJW move.) My issue with him is that in his articles he often misses, like in this case, but in other cases he hits it... Like the one time he actually complained about the Bat-Shaped Crutch; but you know what they say about broken clocks.
What bothers me is how these Opinion Pieces are taking as fact... Journalism Ethics are not needed...

 No, I will not link to the article in question, because I don't want to give hits to that nincompoop. OK, so I called him a nincompoop... but I needed some release, because his stupidity on that opinion piece pisses me off so badly. Saying that the Justin Marks script was loved by everyone is a sure sign that we're dealing with a special kind of writer here.

Here's the thing: Hardcore He-Man fans know the origin. Or Origins depending on which continuity we have the movie. Hell, we don't know if the movie will CHANGE the Origin.

The Origin is NEEDED because John or Jane Q. Public are very likely to NOT KNOW what He-Man is aside a perennial Gay Joke

The Origin is needed, but he is right in one point: The Entire Movie DOES NOT NEED to be the Origin Story. That would be the movie's first act. Then Act 2 is He-Man beginning to become the Hero he is meant to be and the Final Act of the movie is ONE FINAL Showdown between He-Man and Skeletor until the sequel.

He claims that the Keldor Angle is not necessarily needed, but it IS kind of needed in order to make Skeletor a three dimensional character and not a 2D Villain.
Also, it's not a good thing to start a He-Man movie right in the middle of it and have a small narration setting us up to what we're about to see...

Because Last time it worked so well!

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