Sep 4, 2015

Odds and ends Sept. 4 2015. I haven't forgotten my duty at the House of Rants!

Me? Still Playing the Phantom Pain on my free time (mostly fooling around and not going into the story), hence the reduced activity at the House of Rants, but the past few days have delivered some strange bits of news:

Gay people can now marry in Rowan County, Ky.... Ouch! Kentucky's got the unluckiest State abbreviation, for such a Sex Negative state... Back on topic, Kim Davis, the stubborn county clerk who wouldn't deliver Civil Marriage Licenses because Gay People can get Civil Marriages now, was sent to jail for contempt  of court. She was told that she HAD TO DO HER JOB, regardless of her religious convictions, but she refused. She is now in jail for that. It's not "an attack on Christianity."
If Laypeople like you and me don't do our jobs, we get fired. She was an elected official so she can't be fired. The court told her that she HAD TO DO HER JOB, or else there would be consequences for her inaction. She didn't and she is now paying the price. She could have easily resigned if her "Religious Convictions" couldn't allow her to do her job. She didn't. She's now paying the price.

Oh my Lawd! What have they done to Diggle!?  There is no way that I cannot look at that picture and take it seriously. He looks like a Black Biker Magneto... Is he supposed to be The Guardian?

Speaking of people who look like Other People... Miss Piggy and Kermit broke up and now Kermit is Porking another pork... One that happens to look a lot like Natalie Dormer... Others say Olivia Wilde, but I see Dormer, not Wilde in her... But that's not the real issue here. The real issue is that guess who is offended by Kermit getting a new Girlfriend? If you guessed SJWs and Feminists, you have won a No-Prize! The Perennially Offended are mad because Kermit is dating the Natalie Dormer of Pigs, Seriously? (and yes, I am aware that Lady Plaid did 2 videos one on highlighting Jade from Beyond Good and Evil. but as always it's skewed as heck. She ignores the fighting done in the game to push the "exploring side" and misses the whole "Underground group of people exposing massive media conspiracy" echoes the GamerGate side of, well GamerGate. The latest one, I've not seen... Because Play MGS 5 or watch a half hour video full of half-truths, misconceptions that would expand into a 7 hour deal to verify each claim and possibly refute any wrong information and breaks
to stop my eyes from rolling out of my head.

Hell no! Fox wants to rape Mega Man!! What the Hell is Crapcom thinking? Of all the Movie Studios available, they go to 20th Century Fox? Prediction? This movie will suck ASS! Thsi movie will make the Infamous Ruby Spears Cartoon look like a Masterpiece.

Also, calling it now: Don Cheadle as Mega Man, Jack Black as Dr. Light, Zendaya as Roll. Let's have Miles Teller as Wily cause Why the Hell not!? Crapcom and Fox will take a massive dump on the movie anyway...  Let's give it to Uwe Boll to complete the Crap Sandwich!

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