Oct 29, 2015

According to AFI, Skeletor's Love Child has left the building.

I don't know how I feel about this... I mean, I DID find her recent message, or at least the second half to be unprofessional as heck. Be that as it may, this whole SLC jumping ship seems a bit fishy...
Part of me is worried about the future of MOTUC. If MOTUC has this Musical Chairs Managers, more mistakes will happen and QC will drop. This will in turn make people stop buying the products and end teh lien.

Now, is it REALLY Necessary to be spreading out this "rumor" when:
As of this posting this is ONLY A RUMOR and we have not been able to confirm with Mattel.
A News Site Spreading Rumors? Is AFI becoming the next Craptaku?

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