Oct 18, 2015

Girl Met Texas, fandom Meets confusion

Girl Meets World's 3 parter Episode: Girl Meets Texas has challenged the Status Quo.
Everyone who has read the Topangaborn rants, knows that I'm not a fan of Lucas and Riley being together, mostly because Lucas' character is as stiff as a plank. Well, GM Texas threw us on a loop when the hints of Maya feeling something for Ranger Rick were real.
Something something Bull Riding, Riley encouraging Lucas, Maya scared the crap out of the situation... Farkle and Zay are reduced to the role of Chorus while they question the situation.

The ending was left ambiguous which disappointed many fans. Personally, I like that the ending was left ambiguous, because it will ALLOW the characters to GROW. Cory wasn't Mr. Topanga Lawrence when the show started. He dated other people before the writers kinda retconned him into Mr. Topanga Lawrence. Also, forcing the kids to "grow up as couples" due to "fanshipping" is not a great idea. While Lucas is showing some character growth with the Ranger Rick will go Hulkster to protect his friends has given him some spice, he still is Bucky Mc Boing Boing Durr Hurr! to me.

The most interesting characters right now are Farkle, who is no longer a Mini-Minkus and behaves more like a normal person who is incredibly awkward (but not annoying as in earlier episodes) and Zay, who is kind of the voice of reason... (Girl Meets Rah Rah! made me appreciate him a lot more)

Incredibly enough, Riley and Maya are becoming more dull. Hopefully this change to the Status Quo will bring back some spice to these characters.

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