Oct 5, 2015

It Came From the Toy Chest: Neither Whiplash, nor Kobra Khan...

Saurod, the Final Movie Character of the Movie Trinity (Blade, Gwildor and Saurod)
is finally here.The only Evil Warrior to be KILLED by Skeletor has reached MOTUC. Just watch the 1987 movie to get who he is... He's like the Store Brand version of either Whiplash or Kobra Khan... Since his name is SAURod, I'll say Whiplash.

The Classics Canon makes him a member of one the species that was spliced by MITCH into the Snakemen. He then kills 2 key Snakemen in UB2 and the movie did not happen... Cause Wibbly Wobbly Specky Wecky...

But like I said, he completes the Movie Trio and Hopefully, sometime in the Future, Mattel will make a Karg to complete the team...

Now let's take a look at the figure, shall we?

He has Standard MOTUC Articulation, seeing he is a Standard MOTUC Figure... EXCEPT, the tail armor that blocks some Leg Articulation... also, the Tail is like Lizardman's (It's Lizardman's). No vehicle Riding for this guy. (Can't sit on a Wind Raider or Talon Fighter and can't pilot a Sky sled.)

Paint and Sculpt:
Only the Torso and Feet are old pieces (clawful and Bow) Everything else is brand new baby! The Paintjob is more Toy based than Movie based. They had to seeing that the movie design is very monochromatic. Part of me wishes that there was a bit of a more obvious difference between the chainmail and his skintone. Same thing with his pants? Are those pants, or is that his naked flesh near the crotch and legs? Better change the topic... Paint apps.There are a few sloppy areas on mine, but not super noticeable. The armor has a lot of details that make him seem like a hardened warrior. It may look "hyperdetailed" next to a Robot Knight or Vanilla Skeletor, but to be fair, there's no way to make Chainmail look good without looking "Hyperdetailed".

1 gun... That's it! that knocks him to a 1.0 in the accessory department. He Definitely needed some Sparks that could have plugged into his face to recreate his vintage action figure.

but Ninjor doesn't care about Classics Canon... FATALITY!!
Saurod gets a 3.0 here. Like Choobs before him, he is lacking something. Also, I weep because his lower legs and right forearm could have been PERFECT for Spector!The Good thing is that he's a very expressive figure by using some dynamic posing. The lower score is due to the lack of accessories. If not, he'd be rated higher.

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