Oct 16, 2015

World is ending. For once I agree with Kanye West!

Let's get this out of the way. I LOATHE Kanye almost as I LOATHE his in-laws... I don't have an issue with the Jenner side, but more with the Kardashian side of his In-Laws... But that's not the point. Hell! I haven't mentioned the whole Lamar Odom passing out at a brothel thing because of his "in limbo" legal status to Khloe Kardashian... Blegh! Now I have TWO Rants involving Kardashians here... Let's go back to Kanye...

A few days ago This happened:

Let's remind Kanye that his WIFE has a Videogame riddled with Microtransactions...
So, yeah... I am with Kanye on this. in-app purchases on games specifically made FOR Children is a dick move... Then again, in-app purchases on videogames IN GENERAL IS A DICK MOVE.

But wait a moment, who the Hell gives an iPad WITH CREDIT CARD INFO linked to it to a TWO year old!? Kanye does... as well as many less affluent parents.

Still is scary to agree with Kanye...

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